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A valuation appointment within 24 hours guaranteed!

Our promise is simple. If your property fits our following criteria & you are happy with the following terms, we will take your property on without a quibble.

  • Located within East London.
  • Has two or more bedrooms.
  • Property is vacant or due to be vacant in the next 4 weeks.
  • You are ready to sign a minimum of minimum 2-5 years management agreement contract with Ghana Nurses Association.
  • All our tenants are working professional no LHS or DSS.
  • You are willing to provide basic furniture.
  • The house is in good condition or will be after cleaning.

What We Offer

  • 0% Commissions
  • Guaranteed rents paid on time
  • Free in-house maintenance within an agreed budget
  • No Voids, No Hassle
  • Free Cleaning service
  • Regular inspections

How it works

We lease the properties directly from you for a fixed long-term tenancies, 2-5 years taking over responsibility for the management of the property on your behalf. We fully furnish the properties if applicable and pay all the bills (including weekly cleaners and regular gardeners). We then rent the rooms on individual ASTs to working professionals on 6 to 12 month contracts. As WE are your tenant you will only ever have to deal with us.

Gas Safe
We will organise this on your behalf and be at the property to meet the engineer. We keep one copy of the certificate and send one to you.

We will take care of any legal obligations and can help you to comply with all current relevant legislation, ensuring everything is current and up to date. This would include PAT certification, furniture/fire regulations and smoke/carbon monoxide detectors.

Before we take over the property you may decide to obtain an inventory from an independent company. Or if you prefer we can arrange this for you.

Before we take control of your property we would need 2 x proof of ID and proof of ownership of the property.

If you have a mortgage you will have to obtain ‘Consent to let’. If we agree to Multi- Let your property, you will need to be on the correct mortgage product. You will need to sign a warranty in our contract to confirm that this is the case.

During an on-going contract, allowances should be made for the standard of the property at the start of the tenancy and for fair wear and tear during the tenancy.

Should you decide for any reason to terminate the agreement between us, we would need at least 6 months notice. This is because we may have just signed a tenant in on a 6 month AST, and we want to ensure that we can return the property to you in vacant possession.