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Company No. 08432592
Charity No.115284

Ghana Nurses Association (UK) is a non-party political organisation, formed by and for Ghanaian Registered Nurses, Midwives and Health Visitors who work and live in the United Kingdom. The organisation is a registered charity and company limited by guarantee.

The Association is henceforth referred to as the Charity.

Management of the charity is effected through directors of the company, who are also trustees for the purposes of charity law. The officers are elected at the Annual General Meeting.

Motto: 'We Care and We Serve'

Mission statement

The Charity is committed to promoting the well-being and advancement of members, their families and friends both in the UK and Ghana


We hold firmly and embody positive and optimistic outlook throughout our deliberations. We are dependable, highly committed and consistent in our relationships, open minded, respectful of the rights of individuals, honest, creative and loyal in all we do. Accountable to members, donors, sponsors and statutory bodies.

We always aim and pride ourselves on our ability to care and serve, honestly and diligently, all those whom we live with and entrusted to our care.

Vision for 2015-2020

  • promote the on-going well-being of members, their friends and families both in the UK and Ghana
  • support members in their continuous professional development, career aspirations and advancement and/or in retirement
  • promote the Ghanaian culture and traditions within the Diaspora through welfare and social community activities in the UK and Ghana
  • purchase and manage a community centre for the use of the charity and other community welfare groups within the Diaspora
  • work in collaboration with other community welfare groups both in the UK and Ghana in supporting education, health promotion and industrial initiatives


Meeting Times

General meetings held bi-monthly
Executives meeting held bio-monthly preceding general meetings.

Next general meeting: Sunday 25  September 2016 

(this will be our Annual General Meeting ) 

Time: 4-7pm


Walworth Methodist Church
54 Camberwell Road